A College Student 's Life Essays

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A college student’s life can easily be seen as stressful. Jackson State Community College (JSCC) has a student union area that when used properly can cut down on students’ stress loads. The student union building, also known as the student center, has many offices and parts such as the security office, bookstore, commons area, and jHub that are there to ease the stressful life of students. Students can easily go to any of these places to cope with any stress they may have acquired over a day, or even over one class. A major part any person’s stress relief is a feeling of safety, and Jackson State’s safety revolves around the security office. JSCC’s security office is located in the main hall between the student center and classroom building. The security office is the first door on the right side of the hall as you come in the set of double doors leading to the commons area. The clear glass door with a wooden shows an office area with a desk, computer, and chairs. This office area breaks off into another office with many of the same appliances. Both of the offices have a welcoming, yet professional vibe that shows students they are welcome to enter at any time. It is in one or both of these offices that an officer can be found sitting at one of the desks. Many times one can be found studying a computer, possibly looking over information to keep the students and staff safer. Often another officer can be found regularly patrolling the campus bookstore.
The bookstore is in…

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