A Great Picture Of The Symbiotic Relationship Between Parent Community And The School Community

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Bob Beauprez paints a great picture of the symbiotic relationship that should exist between students, school personnel, and parents when he was quoted as saying, “Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”. Unfortunately, what sounds great in theory is often hard to achieve in reality. It seems as though the relationship between parents and their children’s school system would be a natural occurrence, but often the division between home life and school life is a difficult challenge to overcome. So why should educators work so diligently to make sure a positive connection exists between parent community and the school community? This question is best answered by the authors of an article who state, “Family involvement can help to make the total fabric of a young child’s life more seamless, safe, and supportive.”(Carlisle, Stanley, & Kemple, 2005, p. 156). This is something that all people in the educational world need to remind themselves of quite frequently; it is not about the teachers, it is not about the parents, it is really only about the students. As a teacher leader, it is my obligation to help create this type of positive school community so that students might have an allied force of parent and school support.
Much of the solution to spanning the parent-school divide and creating a positive school community lies with parental involvement. Lechtenberger and Mullins (2004) give…

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