A Project For Student Service Projects Essay

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Each of the six Houston Community College presidents has been entrusted with a project to help improve the student experience.

“These are projects that cut across the entire institution,” says Chancellor Cesar Maldonado, “to bring shared best practices to the institution.”

The projects range from registration and enrollment; new student orientation; career advising; discipline adjacency; learning support; and early alert.

The lofty goal of the student service projects is to bring, “The best student experiences provided by any institution in the country,” said Chancellor Maldonado at a meeting on April 22.

This is part of the college transformation plan. In the past year, HCC has been transitioning from operating as six separate colleges to operating as one college with multiple centers of excellence.

HCC Northwest College President Dr. Zachary Hodges oversees the revamping of registration and enrollment.

With college registration, Dr. Hodges admits that “The first word you think about is that it’s complicated, and it’s long, and you need to get started early to jump through all the necessary hoops. We are no exception to that.”

He noted that HCC mostly relies on face-to-face meetings for registration, with students often having to visit or call multiple offices to get what they need. In the twenty-first century, “it is outmoded, outdated, and something we have to get right.”

One of their goals is to increase the use of technology in the admissions and…

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