A Student Of Rhodes College Essay

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As a student of Rhodes College I’ve had difficulties catching up to the academic level of my peers. Going through theory in class made me realize a lot of what was going inside and outside of the classrooms. My education was not tech savvy or highly ranked, however looking at theory brought out the different education styles of my previous teachers and how the school functioned as a whole. Even though theory is often side-stepped, my community could have learned a lot in being able to function better as an institution.
Theory is the guiding principles and ways any subject is contemplated to be done. Theory shows methods and opinions on a subject, which is often supported by evidence or research. The use of theory in classrooms can often be controversial in the classroom because of the ways schools function around standardized tests. The more focus around excellence in sets of tests, the less room for creative methods of education. The real question is if theory is actually feasible in classroom without ignoring standardized tests. One of the limits of school systems is the systemic use of exams, which frankly, won’t be evolving away from. School districts would have to completely reconstruct curriculums and goals for their classrooms.
Somehow changing teaching methods translates into a question of funding. My high school had very limited resources coming from a low income area and being academically unacceptable. Funding for arts and music was cut back multiple times. My…

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