Abuse Is The Act Of Inflicting Cruelty Essay

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Abuse is the act of inflicting cruelty or violence on another person. It is a horrific act that should not be tolerated. Many would think that the abuser is at fault for the hurtful act; however, there is much controversy over whether it is the person being abused that is at fault or the abuser that is to blame. Some may say the person being abused is at fault, that they did something to provoke their abuser. However this is not the case. No one should be put at fault for being abused.
Society does a great job of victim blaming. They put the blame on the victim when it should really be the person who committed the horrific act. There are so many myths in society saying that the victim did something wrong or it was there fault for putting themselves in that position (society’s habit of victim blaming must end). Offenders often state things like “He/she was asking for it,” a statement which shifts blame from the attacker to the victim (victim blaming).
The majority of records show that women are abused. Not that men are never abused, but it is unlikely that they report it. Men do not report their abuse because they fear they will be looked down on in society, that they are somehow less of a man. They are not allowed to look vulnerable because it shows that they are no longer masculine. On the other hand, women are treated the opposite way. They are looked at as more of an object than a person. So that is how they are treated. Men look at women as if they are…

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