Advertisements Should Promote Safe Eating And Exercise Habits And Not Use Media

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Unit 2 Draft

Advertisements usually create an imaginary world of only showing an ideal body as people who are perfect, sexy, popular and not ugly or overweight. To promote healthier ideas of body image, companies should show more average looking people. If models had more normal body types then people would be using less severe diets and exercises to getting that desired body that they saw. There have been unhealthy ways people deal with trying to achieve the idea body type like anorexia, extreme workouts, Atkin’s diet, calorie counting and more. People would not walk to the ends of the earth if there were normal people they could look up to instead of airbrushed creatures. Ads should promote safe eating and exercise habits and not use media just to sell products.

Men’s magazines take a different stance for what the idea men’s body should look like, but it is still a nearly impossible and unhealthy model. The magazines promote high protein and low carb intake and excessive painful workouts. Men are told to take pride in their muscles since that is an increasing pressure they have to face. The images of men show them as strong god like figures that portray dominance, but they achieve this through harsh dieting and obscene exercises, (Parasecoli). Instead of following what that media displays, men should be able to eat what they like and they shouldn’t have to be judged. They should do moderate amount of workouts that make them feel healthy and not feel like they are…

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