Alcohol Abuse Treatment For The Young Adult Essay

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When it comes to alcohol abuse treatment for the young adult, the goals are to treat the immediate problem or issue of the abuse of alcohol, prevent using, and begin long-term therapy to promote abstinence (Saitz, 1999. p. 6). The corporation of the abuser is imperative and treatment easier. The only way to get to this stage of recovery with the abuser is with their willingness to admit there is a problem. There is a question a young adult alcoholic must ask themselves. The question should be are they willing to do what it takes to stay in treatment in order to become and remain sober? The client must want a different way of life more than the next drink. However, the treatment for the alcoholic doesn’t begin with meetings or one on one counseling sessions. After admitting there is a problem and abstinence takes place, withdrawals from the alcohol is soon after (Saitz, 1999. p. 6). The severity of the withdrawals depends on how far the young adult alcoholic has plummeted into depths of the addiction of alcoholism. It is great to know all who suffer from extreme alcohol withdrawals can get help along with proper medical treatment. Furthermore, treatment should be monitored by professional health care providers who are equipped to administer immediate care for withdrawal symptoms to prevent complications (Saitz, 1999. p. 6).
Observation is important in treatment, so the professional must be watching for any changes or life threatening situations that may take place.…

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