Alcoholism And Other Drug Abuse Essay

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Timothy Knopick
Professor Pamela Peters
HUS 1400: Alcoholism & Other Drug Abuse
I choose Methamphetamine as my topic for discussion. The reason I choose it is a two part answer. The first reason is I want to learn more about the drug, the side effects, and the precursors needed to manufacture it. The second reason is I work in law enforcement and would like get a better understanding of the reasons why people become addicted. In hopes of gaining a better understanding so I could try to help the subjects I come across while working.
Methamphetamine first came about in a form known as Amphetamine and later morphed into the drug we now know as meth. Amphetamine was created in a lab in 1887 by a Romanian chemist Lazar Edleanu at the University of Berlin. The drug was not used medically until Gordon Alles began to use the drug to treat asthma and colds in the 20’s. The drug became popular all over the world for treating allergy, asthma, and cold type symptoms.
The actual first usage of Methamphetamine was by the Japanese in 1893. Most of the world’s military forces used Methamphetamine during World War II to enhance endurance and alertness of the troops. The drug has been used by almost every profession that alertness and fatigue play factors in. Long distance truckers use the drug to be able to stay awake during the long runs required. College students used the drug to help cram for exams. Athletes use the drug to help fight of fatigue during…

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