An Integrated, Multidimensional Treatment Model For Individuals Living With Hiv, Mental Illness, And Substance Abuse

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“An Integrated, Multidimensional Treatment Model for Individuals Living with HIV, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse” explores treatment options for HIV-infected individuals who have both mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Before conducting the treatment, Bouis et al. (2007) found few studies in the literature review process that discussed various treatment methods for HIV-infected individuals who have both mental health and substance abuse problems, referred as triply diagnosed clients by Bouis et al. (2007). In developing a treatment model, a transtheoretical model of behavior change and evidence-based practice was used to address the needs of triply diagnosed clients. Participants were offered assistance and programs, such as “individual counseling, group treatment, and psychiatric medication management” in a medical center and a county mental health center (Bouis et al., 2007, p. 269).
From North Carolina, 141 individuals from four academic medical center infectious diseases clinics were gathered from 2000 to 2003 to participate in a one year long treatment program at one of the two mental health treatment sites (Bouis et al., 2007). However, because the participants included in the study were recruited from four clinics only in North Carolina, there is little randomization in the study. Of the 141 participants, 76% were African American and 56% were male (Bouis et al., 2007). Since the study was limited to only one state and a majority of the participants…

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