Analysis Of The Book ' Silent Spring ' Essay

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Rachel Carson’s basic thesis in Silent Spring is to discourage the use of the many pesticides and herbicides that we are putting on everything. By the use of these chemicals, they are traveling and infecting many plants/animals that were not planned. Examples would be honey bees and humans. Rachel Carson is mainly concerned on DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) that was discovered by Paul Muller. He won a noble prize for the creation of it; this was before DDT was found harmful to the environment and deadly for humans. At first, it was thought that DDT was completely harmless because humans did not show any immediate symptoms of harm. Carson explains the make-up of DDT and the negative effects of it along with many other chemicals that are used daily.
The title of the book is Silent Spring because the use of these chemicals has silenced many towns and taken away of the chirping of the birds. Carson does not necessarily believe that we should not be using chemicals to prevent insect diseases and to protect agricultural from pests. Rachel Carson believes that we should be going about it in another way. She thinks that we are overusing it. Insects eventually get immune to the chemical, and then they make a stronger, more deadly one in the laboratory, and the cycle repeats itself. This is why need to look at other ways to prevent pests, not by toxic chemicals that harm the ecosystem.
Carson stated in chapter two that the government funds ecologist to study and research…

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