Essay on Applying Program Knowledge For Volunteer And Future Work

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Part I: Applying Program Knowledge to Volunteer and Future Work The knowledge I have gained from my program of study applies to both my personal and professional life. Besides the knowledge to effectively utilize the best evidenced based practices in a culturally competent manner, I have also learned multiple ways to relieve stress and anxiety without the use of prescriptive drugs. As professional nurses, stress is commensurate with our profession. However, nurses must still practice effective stress management techniques to preserve their health. My ability to remain calm and focused supports my duties as a nurse in multiple ways. First, it reduces the amount of energy I spend on stress. Second, energy saved can be reinvested in my patients’ needs and towards activities that support my fellow staff members. Finally, I can also use these stress management and relaxation techniques to assist patients struggling with similar stress and anxiety challenges. While volunteering, I was able to utilize a practice of visualization and guided imagery techniques to decrease the stress and anxiety levels in certain patients. One patient, in particular, stands out as she was extremely afraid of needles. Initially, the patient panicked and screamed, but after diffusing the situation by helping her to employ the techniques I knew, she was able to redirect her fears and regain control. I used a guided imagery technique that helped her redirect her thoughts to things that provided her…

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