Essay on Bullying And Its Effect On Students

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Bullying is an extremely serious problem that still continues in schools today. It is very cruel and unethical. Bullying has had a dramatic effect on students in various negative ways. Bullying can lead to severe psychological problems, students skipping or dropping out of school because they do not feel safe, poor grades, depression possibly leading to alcohol or drugs, and even more extreme cases can result in death by suicide. reported in their article the number of students who skip school because of bullying. “Approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying” ( They’re several different types of bullying occurring at school and even off school grounds. Such as: physical bullying, verbal bullying and cyber bullying. All these types of bullying should be taken very seriously, no child should not feel safe going to school. Schools need to create ways to prevent bullying from occurring. This includes all staff, administrators, and teachers on board to find ways to reduce this problem. When most people think of bullying they envision boys kicking, punching and hitting one another. But, physical bullying is just one type of bullying that kids contribute in. Physical bullying is the easiest to identify and is most likely what people think of when they think of bullying. Sherri Gordan a bullying expert wrote in her article the description of the typical bully. “Physical bullies tend to be bigger, stronger and more…

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