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Character Education

I read five articles on character education. These articles helped me to better understand the importance of character education and useful techniques and methods to teach children values and morals. The first article I read was Champions of a cause by Dick Riley. This article states that character education dates back to the time that the puritans came over to the new world and thought everyone should be reading the bible. They believed that that this would teach good values. The author believes that morals and ethics should continue to be important goals that are taught to children in schools. The character education program mentioned to teach this method is Character Counts and is based on the "six pillars
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The third article I read was Workshop topic: Understanding the basic principles of character education by Kimberly More Kneas. This article states that it is important for the entire staff of a school to get together to develop a character education program that can be taught universally throughout the school. First, all staff members should write down important points that they would like to discuss during the forming of the curriculum. Also let them write down what character education should be. Next also discuss what character education should not include. After the responses are shared with the entire staff the confusion of where the direction of the program is going will be cleared up. By this point, the staff will also understand that it is important to not push your own values on your students. Also, make sure that there is a plan of action to involve parents in the program and give students the opportunity to practice the values they are learning. Another great idea in this article is to form a character education committee to come up with the basis of what the objectives of the program should be. The fourth article I read was Eleven principles of effective character education by Tom Lickona. This article outlines a basic script in forming an effective character education program. There were a few important points in this article that I believe are important to remember

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