Essay on Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children

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Every year, millions of children are stripped of their childhood and thrown into a world full of violence, abuse, and neglect. Rather than having the freedom to live innocently, they struggle to find ways to escape a world that they cannot understand. Despite the prevalence of these tragedies, our world has seen hardly any change in the way these children are helped largely due to the world’s societal indifferences, as well as the world’s lack of knowledge to help those who cannot help themselves. Embodying itself in many different forms such as, neglect, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, child abuse proves to have complex and varied motivations, leading to detrimental effects on the child, making prevention methods a necessity in today’s society. Child abuse is too often defined only through the effects on the child, yet it is nearly impossible to fully understand the act of child abuse without first analyzing the motivations of the abuser. First off, “individual attributes such as low self-esteem, poor impulse control, aggressiveness, anxiety, and depression” have a significant increase in the likelihood of an individual abusing a child (English 46). Their lack of mental stability and overall inability to control their emotions provides an unpredictable, and therefore, unsafe environment for a dependent child to thrive in. Caregivers who also have “inaccurate knowledge of child development, inappropriate expectations of the child, and negative attitudes toward…

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