Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

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What then of the child who continues to live with in a home with abuse, either mental or physical? Those children who tragically are abused physically are sometimes easier to recognise when compared to children who are abused verbally or emotionally, but the signs are still there if you are paying close enough attention. It is helpful to know what is normal or socially accepted as responses and behaviors under certain situations. Some would argue, these “norms” are even subjective to the group or community, but again for the sake of this paper let us agree to general common knowledge. If a child is sitting in a classroom and the smoke alarm goes off and the child begins crying uncontrollably or runs out the room before teacher can get group together, this may be a sign that the child has experienced the trauma of a fire personally. If the children are playing on the playground and a car drives by and backfires, the child then drops to the ground on his or her belly while others continue to run and play, this might be a sign they have experienced the trauma of gun attack or a drive by shooting. What if you as the teacher has developed a relationship with each of your kindergarten students that when you are walking about the room you will touch one on the shoulder to get there attention to answer or to call on. One day you are doing this same thing but you touch little Suzie and she jumps and then cowers down in her seat, never having this reaction before. This may be a sign…

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