Child Abuse Is A Growing Issue Essay

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Child abuse is a growing issue not only in the United States but also worldwide. Due to our economic, social, and culturally established ways we have children all of the world being maltreated in various ways. The term child abuse refers to anyone under the age of 18 that has been emotionally, physically, and or sexual maltreated. As the numbers in child abuse grow so do the number of Caucasian infants aged 0-3 being physically abused every day. These children of abuse, particularly infants have no voice, no way to protect themselves, and no way to get out. At what point do we stand up against child abuse? Physical abuse of Caucasian infants can be limited with the help of society by comprehending the prevention approaches, intervention methods, and social change efforts related to the abuse.
Children under one year old are the most common victims of abuse. In 2006 49% of victims were Caucasian. Of these cases parents are by far the most common perpetrators with an 83% rate. Although there are different forms of abuse the second most common is physical abuse with a rate of 16%. 0-1 year olds are at the greatest risk at 24.4%, while 1-3 years old at a risk of 14.2% (US Dept 2006). There are multiple factors that can play a role in child abuse. Many risk factors include disabilities or mental retardation on children, social isolation of family, the parent’s lack an understanding for the child’s needs and development, poverty, family violence, and parental stress. Despite the…

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