Essay about Child Abuse Is A Huge Problem

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In 1997 an estimated 3,195,000 children were reported to protective services agencies as they were found to be victims of child abuse (“Child abuse is increasing”). In 2003 it was estimated that their were 906,000 victims of child abuse in the United States (“Individuals can help reduce child abuses”). It is found that extremely young children under the age of three are the more frequent victims of child abuse (“Child abuse is a huge problem”).
It is not all physical abuse towards children but it is also emotional abuse (“Individuals can help reduce child abuse”). You may refer to emotional abuse as ignoring, rejecting, isolating, and using verbal abuse toward the child (" Emotional Abuse”). Emotional abuse can at times be harder to take in than physical abuse (“Individuals can help reduce child abuse”). Imagine a parent screaming at their child, calling them dreadful names. Or locking a child in a basement not providing the young child food or even at times a place to sleep. The child now has a strong memory of all of the verbal assault, rejection and isolation the parent gives the child. That is much harder to recover than maybe a bruise they may give the child. But both physical and emotional abuse are horrid and no child should ever have to go through that.
The sad part of child abuse in the United States is the fact that out of all the abuse that does indeed get reported, there is also as many or more reports of child abuse that never get reported. This being said the…

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