Child Abuse Is A Problem Essay example

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Dave Pelzer, the author of A Child Called It once said, “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul” He is simply implying that a child’s childhood should be something to remember in reference to joy and happiness. A child should be able to play nonstop in the sun without worries. More importantly, a child should not have to worry about being beaten or starved by his parents. However, that is not always the case. Child abuse has prevented numerous children from having a childhood worthy of memory. In 2010, six-hundred and ninety-five children experienced maltreatment (“Social”). Fifty-one percent of the children were females; forty-eight percent of the children were males (“Social”). To make matters even worse, in the process of reporting, about fifteen hundred children died due to neglect (“Social”). Those statistics are proof that child abuse is a problem.
What exactly is child abuse? Child abuse is often referred to as an act that causes a child to endure physical, emotional, or sexual harm (“Child”). This could place a child in danger and cause even more horrible situations. So, who is responsible for child abuse? This question has often been asked by numerous individuals around the world. Saying that, some people may believe that case workers are responsible for child abuse because they are responsible for reporting abuse. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. With that being said, child case…

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