Child Abuse Is Everyone 's Business Essay example

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Child abuse is everyone’s business. Child abuse is mistreatment of children. Child abuse can be in various forms such as sexual, physical, neglect, emotional, mental, and verbal. Child abuse often occurs because adults blame all of their stress on the children, or from substance abusement, being a single parent/stepparent. There are ways to prevent child abuse.

Sexual abuse is the involuntary of developing immature children or adolescents in sexual activities. It can be in a form of rape, pornography, molestation, prostitution, exposure, incest, or any sexually explorative activities.

Physical abuse is a physical injury which can cause a result, such as punching, beating, kicking, or anything that causes harm to the child. Such injury is considered abuse, regardless of whether the caretaker intended to or not. Forms of physical abuse include acts of violence which are deliberate and can injure or kill the child. Signs of physical abuse are bruises, cuts, scrapes, or burns on the child.

Neglect abuse is a type of maltreatment that refers to the failure to provide. It includes not providing food, shelter, clothing, appropriate medical care, or proper weather protection. Can also be educational, where the parent doesn’t allow the child to go to school, buy the materials needed for the child to be involved in education activities.

Emotional (verbal) abuse is a pattern of behavior that impaired the cild’s emotional development. This may include constant criticism, threats or…

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