Essay on Child Abuse Is Not Appropriate Discipline

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In 2014 the NFL was once again the center of scrutiny as one of the most popular and talented running backs in NFL history was indicted on charges of child abuse after a family physician reported the injuries to child protective services. Adrian Peterson admitted hitting his son with a switch, or tree branch, however, Peterson denied that his actions were abuse and insisted he was merely disciplining his son. Although Peterson did not attempt to hide the injuries and was truthful about the incident when questioned, his guilt in committing an act which is harmful to a child is obvious as seen by photos of injuries on the child 's back, legs, buttocks, and scrotum. The punishment executed by Adrian Peterson on his four year old son was not appropriate discipline but rather child abuse which fails to accomplish the intended goal of teaching morals. The method of correction he implemented does not instruct the child on the consequences of their behavior, protect the child by teaching them how to not hurt others and avoid situations of harm themselves, or enhance the child 's self respect or respect for others. Although the overall trend in America has seen the decrease in use of corporal punishment, Americans still overwhelmingly approve of its practice. Many communities, including the black community to which Peterson belongs, are rooted in the practice of administering harsh physical punishment with children or corporal punishment. As Michael Eric Dyson asserts “Beating…

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