Child Abuse Is The Global Problem Essay

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Child abuse is the global problem that exists in our cultural, economic and social practices. Child abuse includes physical torture, emotional blackmail, and sexual harassment. Child abuse causes to lose hopes on their future; childhood is the most precious period where every child will be in their dream world with many dreams. However, here are some cruel people who are spoiling their life for their benefits and the children who are abused are helpless. They cannot do anything instead of following them. Although child abuse is a very big problem, one of the main reasons for child abuse is, there is no proper act for those who are abusing children. The children cannot complain to anyone, or they cannot escape from the work. This issue has one solution that is; the government should implement new acts to prevent child abuse, Such as making children mentally strong and some programs must be conducted to get awareness of this problem. The government is not only responsible for this, but the first change must also come from the parents, they should take care of their children. The parents handle their child career. Although the government has implemented many regulations such as anti-child labour act, the parents violating this act and compromised with the employers for economical conditions to cope up. Child abuse, this problem is mainly faced by the children who are orphans. It is very clear that the children between 5 to 12 years are victims of this child abuse.…

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