Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse is defined as a variety of harmful behaviors directed against children. It can take many forms. Child abuse in general is a psychological problem or perversion of the abuser. The abuser is referred to as the perpetrator of abuse. Child abuse includes the following conditions:

 Child sexual abuse
 Physical abuse
 Child neglect
 Emotional neglect and abuse

Although some cases of child abuse are obvious, many are not. Early recognition of child abuse is very important to get a child help and stop the abuse.
Child sexual abuse includes any activity that uses a child to create sexual gratification either in you or in others. Although the touching of children as a sign of affection and for hygiene is considered normal
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The use of any objects to strike a child other than with your open hand is wrong. That includes belts, paddles, sticks, or any other object.
Child neglect in any form, when it concerns a child's welfare, is generally considered to be criminal behavior. Child neglect is considered as a possible diagnosis for children who are poorly cared for, not fed properly, improperly clothed, denied basic safety or necessities, denied proper medical care, or treated with indifference to a degree that appears to cause or put the child at risk for damage or suffering.
Emotional neglect is a condition in which children do not get adequate attention from their parents or guardians. Emotional abuse refers to children being harmed by emotionally negative behaviors by a caretaker. With mild forms of emotional neglect or abuse, children can develop rebellious behaviors or become alienated from their parents.
Mandated reporters are required by law to report any suspected child abuse to authorities. These are teachers, police, professional childcare providers, doctors and other health care workers. Any person can report any suspected child abuse and are granted immunity from any liability when they make reports about possible abuse in good faith. Reporting is the only effective step to stop the abuse.
When a report of child abuse or suspected child abuse is made to the police or child protective services, each organization should work together

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