Essay on Child Sexual Abuse ( Csa ) History

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This topic is extremely difficult to talk about. One of the biggest criticisms of the social science research and this topic is that all of this data was “reported”. This is one of my main criticisms. Most people often don’t know the long term negative effects or even want to talk about them. Although, many probably volunteered for this research, to me there is a large difference between volunteering and being involved in being asked about someone’s sexual child abuse (CSA) history. Most people when faced with talking about their past, especially sexual abuse or even just trauma; most are not 100% honest. I know if I had a history or an experience with Child sexual abuse, I doubt I would tell anyone the whole truth. Sometimes it is a part of the façade that one creates as a defense mechanisms; that everything is okay and it doesn’t affect my life. Personally, I feel as though in some way this affects a person’s life and negatively. Secondly the whole concept of consent that was addressed within the articles frustrates me. No matter what the definition of consent is or how the adult felt about the situation, consent is something that legal has been expressed that a person under eighteen cannot give. Children are extremely trusting, especially of adults. When one grows up you are told to respect your elders and listen to adults. They are given this authority that most kids abide by. So when an adult says jump, a child jumps. There are normally no questions asked because…

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