Children Of Students With Disabilities Essay

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• the type(s) of students with disabilities you observed; There are 7 students with disabilities
In this class, two with ADHD, 4 who can not read beyond a 3 grade level, one suffering with severe depression and one who is has.
Students were working on ratios and proportions, a graphic organizer was provided to the diverse learners. The focus was on setting up proportions by identifying the questions, identifying the ratio provided and the comparison being made. Students worked in small groups of 4 with the special ed teacher working with one group while I worked with the other group. We read the problems together underlined the key numbers provided and connected the number to a word. We focused on what the question was after that and identified what we were working to find. Students were directed to place an X in the appropriate place on the graphic organizer, in this case the numerator. Once the question was identified we discussed assigning a name and set up the proportion.
After the introduction of proportions and the graphic organizer students worked on station work involving versa tiles. Versa tiles are basically worksheets that are self correcting. They know quickly if their answers are correct. Two of the students work with the general ed population the rest need support the majority of the time as their reading skills and math skill are very low so working independently on this is not an option.
The graphic organizer was provided to the DL and two other…

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