Essay on Civic Engagement And Our Lives Of Others Within A Community

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Civic engagement to me means citizens giving back to their community. The purpose of civic engagement is to improve the lives of others within a community. We live in a world where people are unequal, society determines which social class one’s belongs to base on money and power. There is the upper class which consists of extremely rich and powerful individuals, the middle class/working class comprises professionals such as accountants, doctors, lawyers and others. The lower class includes those with low income or who are unemployed. Not everyone belongs to the upper class, in fact the upper class has the least members. It is important to give back to our communities to help those in needs. There are a number of ways to give back, to me volunteering and donating are the best way. Although, those who belongs to the lower middle class might not have the luxury to donate due to their personal expenses, nevertheless, volunteering an hour a week can make a great impact in the community. I believe in this following quote “you reap what you sow”, therefore, every good deed will be rewarded. Hence, I volunteer when I can.
When I was in High School I was a member of the Key club which gave me a number of opportunities to volunteer. They key club met once a week, there was a table with multiple sign-up sheets for different community service, once the meeting ended the students then signed up the ones of their interest. Being a member of the key club allowed me to give back to my…

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