College Students On Race, Class And Gender Essay

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Social Issues is a preparation class to help grow and open the mind of college students on Race, Class and Gender. Within the class we have weekly discussions on world events, Ramapo college atmosphere, diversity and real life relations shown through cinema during different time periods. This class is gives the additional chance for students to challenge each other 's mindsets and learn about others cultures in a controlled, intellectual setting.
The first day of classes I was curious as to exactly what we may do in class or discuss but I was looking forward to it. As the semester began to pedal forward we started to begin to see the foundation of what all or most class topics would be; Race, Class and Gender, straightforward concept and class that will allow students to openly and freely talk with mutual respect and intellect. This is one of the aspects that excited me because many topics are taboo to be discussed openly but it needs to be in order to clear confusion, misunderstanding and stomping out hate.
In hindsight I was hoping that the class or at least a good amount were free thinking and was looking in a different perspective than their own before giving an argument and having valid reasons on why they view a topic as they do. My personal views are more on the liberal sides with very few conservative views. For example I am for gay marriage and weed being legal. I am pro-gay marriage because the Bible is not completely a religious written document but a majority of…

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