Community Assessment For A Homeless Shelter Essay

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The Mirror (A reflection of self): This paper explores the characteristics and causes of homeless individual and families with children and I will also like to reflect and share some of the remarkable things I learned during community assessment to a homeless shelter. I had the opportunity to visit Grassroots crisis intervention center. This center operates the only general emergency shelter in Howard County at 6700 Freetown Road in Columbia, MD. The program has 33 beds for families and single adult women experiencing a shelter crisis. I learned so much about the difficulty of homelessness as community problem. I have been extremely inspired by the many people I have met in Grassroots day resource center who are dedicated to making a change in their community.
It’s very interesting how life sometimes directs you in a convinced pathway to accomplish a purpose, a purpose to help humankind. I discover that I was actually motivated to explore the homeless issue with community nursing. I have always been interested and curious about how people get to be homeless. I ask myself these questions, what went wrong? Where did people mess up to get them to the point of homelessness? Choosing to explore the issue of homelessness, I find out that homelessness is not a choice for many people that find themselves in that situation. I also identify how community can really be involved in getting people out of homelessness. One thing that really amazes me was the desire to help the homeless…

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