Essay on Compulsive Substance Abusers

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entering care, compulsive substance abusers are far more likely to revert to their old patterns of use very soon after being discharged (Sober Living Communities and Housing Options. (n.d.pg__).
8. Youth Stabilization Programs
The state currently only funds four youth treatment programs, 1 female and 3 male youth residential programs in Massachusetts (Carlo, G, 2010). Limited systems exist for youth with only five recovery high schools in the commonwealth as well . Carlo et al, provide clarity in funding stating that it is achieved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, local school districts, and educational collaborative/consortiums (Carlo, 2010). Recovery schools provide a structured environment with “smaller class sizes; individualized attention; licensed counseling services; and daily group meetings where students are able to discuss and process issues related to their education and recovery” (Carlo, 2010 pg__). This method of treatment is preferable to residential treatment as youth who seeks residential treatment. risks the loss of foster care placement eligibility as some youth with limited family supports only alternative to group care or DYS.
9. Mediation Assisted Treatment Programs (MAT) “Massachusetts Department of Public Health currently funds 14 Office Based Opioid Treatment Programs (OBOT) located in health centers across the Commonwealth” (Opioid Overdose Response Strategies in Massachusetts, 2014 pg __).…

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