Essay about Confidence Interval and Reflective Writing Tips

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Reflective Writing Tips
Reflective writing is where you revisit experiences and write down your thoughts about them, asking questions such as:
• "What did I notice?"
• "Why did it happen this way?"
• "How was I changed by this?"
• "What might I have done differently?"
• "How could I have handled the situation differently in hindsight?"
• " What have I learnt about myself?"
• " How do I interact in a team?"
• "How did I feel?"
• "Why did I react the way I did?"
• "How can I improve for next time?"
You will need to do a lot of research, There is a reading list provided as a starting point. Do you follow any of the theories? Have you got experiences now that show the theories are true?
You do not need to be analyzing other
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This meant I know the capability, thrive and enthusiasm of those individuals to carry out given task, although one of them can be a bit bossy, on the other hand it was more difficult to predict what the other members would be like, as for not knowing who they are and what kind of a person they are this bought my confidence levels down.
When faced with a situation such as meeting people for the first time, it is always good to start off on the right foot. In my own personal experience the best thing to do was to meet the group and get to know the members and see what they are like. In terms of confidence, it was certain that they all had similar thoughts going through their minds to what an individual like myself or others would bring to the team."
When we started the first case which was Atkinsons the two stronger members led the way and the rest of us were quite happy to let them take control. We decided that we shouldn't move to Meadowhall which turned out to be the right choice. The national trust exercise didn't turn out as well as we didn’t think about who we were presenting to. I wasn't happy about the mark for this."

Good Example - approx 90%
"When considering what part I might play, I considered what team role I would suit from Belbins (1981) psychological profiles of how people "behave, contribute and interrelate

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