Consequences Of Abuse And Neglect Essay

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Consequences of abuse and neglect attitudes reflect upon on how society takes on the

responsibility on helping to help future distraught peers that show signs of abuse and negligence.

How does abuse and neglect shape the future of our youth? When youth and children that are

growing up in violent households many grow to think they are not contributing to themselves and or to

society. Youth find other aspects to overcoming their neglect as they begin hanging out with the wrong

groups of people and start using drugs. For example Widom, Czaja, Wilson, Allwood, Chauhan (2013)

reported that “negative consequences of neglect across a number of domains of functioning include

lower levels of academic and intellectual functioning” (p.42). They may perform poorly at school and

lack the basic ideas of communicating with other peers in school. Race contributes a big role in how

socialization methods are learned while growing up, This applies on with society, a lower level of

communication and a higher form of social anxiety result in youth not following norms (Widom et al.,

2013). High rates of crime and victimization and physical harm contribute to the low level of education

and functioning of youth. (Widom et al.,2013). Children that face problems within the negative

foundation within their own homes attribute to struggling in school, parents who have no positivity

to show their children. Depending on the severity of abuse and neglect on youth it can…

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