Cracking Down On Drugs Drug Abuse Essay

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Cracking Down on Drugs Over 52 million people in America have abused prescription drugs at least once in their lifetime as of 2014 (Volkow). This only makes me wonder—what are the statistics like now, a year later? Prescription drug abuse is the non-medical use or overuse of someone else’s or their own prescribed drug. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) classified prescription drug abuse as a national epidemic. People, often teens, believe prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs but they also pose harmful side effects. After marijuana and alcohol, prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drug amongst teens 14 and over in America (NDIA). Teens abuse drugs for different reasons; to get high, to “study better”, to lose weight and more. Prescription drugs already pose a risk on their own when taken correctly because of the possibility of side effects. When taken in excess, those chances of side effects increase and start an addiction or dependency for the drug and the results may be fatal. One who is dependent on a prescription drug will do anything to get it which is why there should be a new law to regulate the distribution of prescriptions. To better understand this I will elaborate on what these common drugs are and their side effects, who is using these drugs and how they are getting them and the change that will be taken to ensure a dramatic decrease in prescription drug abuse. I am proposing a law that will hold doctors and pharmacists accountable for…

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