Essay on Dealing With Substance Use Disorder

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Critical Book Review: Re-Entry: A Guide to Nurses
Dealing With Substance Use Disorder
Re-Entry: A Guide for Nurses Dealing With Substance Use Disorder, a 272-page book by Karolyn Crowley and Carrie Morgan, was published in 2014, and printed by Sigma Theta Tau International in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fundamentally, Re-Entry provided guidance for nurses dealing with substance abuse problems to help them recover and re-enter nursing practice. The authors explained that nurses have a high predisposition to substance use disorder because the industry provides the right blend of opportunity, motive, and means. For this reason, nurses are more likely to become addicted to prescription drugs and other chemical substances, with which they deal every day. In fact, 1 of 10 nurses in the United States struggles with substance use disorder, especially abusing prescription drugs (Crowley & Morgan, 2014). Nevertheless, most researchers seeking to solve the problem of substance use and abuse among nurses have failed to consider that not all nurses acknowledge their problem with chemical substance addiction. Re-Entry sought to remedy this shortcoming by convincing addicted nurses that looking for help is the best thing they can do. Additionally, Crowley and Morgan outlined a practical way to help addicted nurses recover and re-enter the practice of nursing as soon as possible. Overall, the thesis of the book was that it is better for nurses struggling with substance abuse to come out of…

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