Essay about Developing A Safe Classroom For Students

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As an educator I strive to have a relationship with my students that is positive and built upon trust. Students need to feel comfortable with their teacher in order to have a positive educational experience. If students don’t feel that their teacher believes in them this can cause the student not to put fourth their best effort in learning. In order to develop a positive trustworthy relationship with the students they need to feel safe in the classroom. The positive environment will help develop a safe classroom for the students and the teacher. Teachers who are striving for a positive relationship with their students need to recognize the student’s behaviors and acknowledge the good and the bad. The teachers can develop behavior plans that enforce the positive behavior through positive reinforcement, which will help set the mood of the classroom environment. If the students feel safe in the classroom they will learn to take risks, thrive and grow as leaners and trust the teachers in the classroom. Students will be able to take the positive praise they 're receiving from the teachers and use it to help build upon their weaknesses and improve in different ways. It’s important to acknowledge and build upon the students individual strengths to help build self-confidence to help them achieve success. Students will be able to recognize the positive attitude that the teachers are putting out to them and will help motivate them. Once the trust is built there will be more time to…

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