Essay on Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner (4dep)

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Activity 1
The Human Resources Profession Map:
The CIPD HRPM is a developmental tool that sets out activities, behaviours and guidelines to become a successful HR Professional. Without a Human Resources team, many companies would fall apart. By HR professionals following the guidelines set by the profession map, this would assure that any organisation would be sustainable and successful.
The Core Professional Areas:
There are two 2 Core Professional Areas
• Insight, Strategies and Solutions – By having an insight into organisations, you are able to spot opportunities and are able to turn them into strategies and solutions. By doing this you are able to meet organisational needs now and in the future.
• Leading HR – Having leadership
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• Collaborative – Showing the ability to work internally and externally and being able to bring both together to ensure a diverse input.
• Driven to deliver – Showing that you have the determination to deliver the best possible results.
• Courage to Challenge – Having the ability to speak up and challenge others when you feel that something is wrong within the organisation.
• Role Model – Leading by example demonstrates you have leadership skill and have the ability to guide others.
• Curious – By being open minded and curious you show the capability of seeking out innovative ways to improve the organisation.
There are four bands within the HRPM. They are a guide of what level you are at in your current position and what is required of you to progress into another band.
I am currently at band one as a HR Administrator. I must be able to support the HR team with administrative duties along with client and colleague support. Most of my time is spent providing information, managing data and providing customer satisfaction.
Activity Two
Understanding Customer Needs:
As a HR Practitioner, you need to have an understanding of customer needs. Customers come in the form of Employees, Line Managers, Recruitment Agencies, Partners and Consumers. Each customer may need a different type of understanding.
Employees: HR work very closely with employees, meaning that as a member of HR you need to be;

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