Essay about Development Of The Key Skills

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Throughout the following essay, I will talk about my reflection on the development of the key skills that I gained during my first academic year that I believe to be the most valuable assets that an entrepreneur needs to accomplish. Moreover, these accomplishments that I acquired during Organisational Behavior and Academic Professional Skills modules have prepared me not only for my next academic years but also in everyday life. During these modules I enhanced my writing skills, time management and my teamwork.

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflection on experience. Reliving of an experience leads to making connections between information and feelings produced by the experience” (Dewey, 1933). Dewey believes that learning and reflecting in retrospect is more important than doing the task it’s self. As a student, effective learning is a key component in developing skills which demands a continuous process of reflection, that include observing your performs, ideas and actions, then assessing their efficiency in order to make progresses both professionally and personally.

Moreover, the Kolb Cycle theory developed by David Kolb (1974) consists of four different stages of learning. Which gives a useful model of the experimental learning about developing our practice suggesting that it is essential to reflect upon our experiences in order to develop new concepts that we can apply. This theory relates to self-reflection and applies to life as a student.


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