Does Social Support Have A Great Impact On A Person 's Wellbeing And Health

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Does social support have a great impact on a person’s wellbeing and health thus making it an important factor for longevity? It is a major difference in people who live happy, healthy and longer lives versus people who are depressed and lonely. The more I read on the topic and realized how important social support truly is, the more interested I became in the topic. Brown, Nesse, Vinkur, & Smith (2003) conducted a study to see if giving support had more of influence on decreasing the risk of mortality than receiving support (p. 320). Brown et al (2003) monitored over a five year period the mortality of 423 married couples in Detroit, noting if and when they died, by observing the obituaries in Detroit newspapers and Michigan’s death records. Brown et al (2003) via interviews were able to gather information on the amount a participant had of social contact. The amount of given and received instrumental support from people other than their spouse, for example, helping a friend or neighbour move. Also, the amount of emotional support received and given emotional support (self-disclosure) to spouses. Lastly, how dependent a participant was on their spouse or friend. The results of the study showed that having a high social contact lowers the risk of mortality. However, giving instrumental or emotional support had the greater influence on reducing mortality than receiving. Actually, other than receiving support from spouse, receiving instrumental support seems to increase the…

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