Dr. D. R. Who Is The Best For The People Better Than The Citizens?

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Chapter 1
With Jonas living in an unfamiliar world, that he can only recall one time when he was apprehensive indicates his community is very safe. When loudspeakers yell directions and the fate of the pilot, making it clear that the community is a very structured and rule-based facility, and also pointing out the rule-breaking always leads to punishment. The repeating word “release” is in connection with the pilot and to the striving infant, verifying it as very meaningful.
Chapter 2
The Committee takes intimate concern into motive when giving jobs recommends that they want the best for the residents. The Committee and citizens both comply that the Committee will know the best for the people better than the citizens themselves will. The responsibilities, in addition to amusement, are appointed at certain times despite a child’s growth, and adulthood happens at the predisposed age when children are given jobs. The presence of “comfort objects” in a society that is absolutely protected suggests that anxiety is an inherited human affection. This association forces all children to face these fears at the time, regardless of their individual development.
Chapter 3
The absence of mirrors is part of the community’s attempt to exclude individuality. In a community that values Sameness, these characteristics set Jonas apart from. everyone else. Jonas’s response to Gabriel 's pale eyes shows how shared differences can make connections between people. The community doesn’t want people…

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