Drug Abuse : A Long Acting Opioid Blocker Essay

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In addition, according to National Institute on Drug abuse naltrexone is a long-acting opioid blocker with few side effects, prescribed in out-patient medical conditions. Naltrexone blocks the euphoric and all other effects from a drug. Naltrexone cuts relapse risk during the first 3 month by about 36%. It is an injectable long-acting formulation of naltrexone (Vivtrol) receive a shot once a month. Second, effective medication is Methadone a slow-acting opioid blocker. Methadone is taken orally so that it reaches the brain slowly. Third, effective medication is Buprenorphine is used for treating heroin addiction, a doctor prescribes prescription for you to take home. The drug stops heroin from getting you “high” and stops withdrawal symptoms and cravings. There are three phases to this drug. First, Induction phase last one week you take it when you are in early stage of withdrawal-about 10-24 hours after last dose of heroin. Second, Stabilization phase usually last 1-2 months. Third, Maintained phase go to doctor for follow-up once a month. Fourth, effective medication Suboxone; according to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (2003), suboxone released. Suboxone is a drug used for long-term treatment to keep people off of heroin or prescription drugs. This is a maintence treatment, to just maintain drug addicts. Furthermore, we have tried to make more awareness and education to help. According to West Virginia summit on Prescription Drug Abuse (2011),…

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