Drug Abuse Of Illegal And Prescribed Drugs Essay examples

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Misuse of any drug can be defined as when an individual take amount of drug more than as described in the prescription . On the other hand , misuse of illegal drugs can also take place by taking drug which is not recommended by either doctor or any other health care professional
. both misuse of prescribed drugs and illegal drugs have adverse effects on the people lifestyle, relationships and in addition to this a great impact on their health. the spread of misuse of prescribed and illegal drugs had became a concerning topic . As we know exceeding limit of everything is bad . Similarly , if we exceed the quantity of drugs , it will results in harmful consequences , whether it is a illegal drug or prescribed drugs. thus i believe that it does not matter whether we are using illegal or prescribed drug but if exceed the quantity of both the types of drugs it can lead to adverse effects. i will dicuss the various damages related with the drug abuse .

One of the survey among college students gives us the evidence of how teenagers use the Psychoactive drugs that brings temporary improvement in mental or physical function . Students were asked the reason of using those psychoactive drugs. They reported that to decrease the burden and stress of…

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