Drug Abuse Treatment For Offenders Essay

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I will identify the proper drug abuse treatment for offenders and what works for drug offenders in prison. The big question and argument is should drug abusers go to treatment or prison? In this paper I will explain why drug offenders should go to treatment and not prison. The first article that I read was about identifying the proper drug abuse treatment for offenders. Criminal justice system has come a long way, from the nothing works system. Drug abuse treatment was nearly half by the 1990’s, and three fourths by 2003. Treatment for drug offenders are now far beyond the walls of prison and jail. Criminal justice generates nearly fifty percent of referrals to treatment now. The state is searching for cost effective alternatives to prison. When people turn to committing crimes for their drug use, treatment is aimed at stopping offender’s drug use to lessen them from committing crimes. The less drug uses the less crimes committed. Offenders are categorized into two groups. The first group of offenders are living a criminal lifestyle; their lives are plainly just doing criminal activity as a way of life. They do the crimes to get money, sex, and status and material things. These offender’s focuses are not drug using, drugs are a mean to support themselves. The second group of offenders are drug addicts. Their lives are the use of drugs and alcohol. There crimes are committed with the use of drugs and alcohol. They are true addicts. It is very likely that these two…

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