Drug And Substance Abuse Affects The Lives Of Both The Abuser And The Family Members

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Drug and substance abuse affect the lives of both the abuser and the family members. "Substance abuse on the part of parents, like domestic abuse, can lead to any child maltreatment. Parents under the influence of drugs or alcohol can physically, sexually, or emotionally abuse their children and often do." The use of drugs and other substances for reasons other than medical purposes is likely to result in a variety of negative impacts ranging from health, social, physical, emotional to psychological consequences. A majority of substance abusers are unaware of the different effects their personal choices and behaviors has on other people, specifically on their close allies (neighbors, friends) and the family members. Drug addiction in the family and the family structure exists and should be looked at with an open mind to help our society shift away from the destructive nature drugs has on the family setting. Some of the underlying addictions and hard drugs are taken in this subject matter can include alcohol, heroin, meth, and crack, just to name a few popular choices in today 's society. These drugs and substances are addictive, and the users of such drugs become dependent on them. This essay explores the various effects of drug and substance abuse on the family and the family structure.

Currently, the most predominate drug abuse found in the family setting is crack, due to its cheap cost and accessibility in urban environments. Furthermore "Although other drugs are…

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