Drug Rehab : Drugs And Substance Abuse Treatment Essay

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Drug Rehab in Ohio
Drug rehab in Ohio provides the opportunity to overcome your addiction problems and get clean and sober. Ohio has many top-rated drug and alcohol treatment programs to choose from. These programs range in length and intensity, so deciding which type of treatment will best fit your needs might be a difficult decision. When initially beginning this process, it is important to look into various program’s reviews and ratings. When you 're ready to move forward with your research, our rehab advisors are available to help you get properly placed so that you are matched with the best program to meet your recovery needs.
Each year the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS) compiles information on the many different drug rehabs in Ohio. The most recent report was taken on March 29, 2013 and indicates there were 378 substance abuse treatment facilities in the state at that time with 37,262 individuals enrolled. Of these 378 facilities, 330 provided outpatient treatment, 50 provided residential or inpatient treatment and 9 provided hospital inpatient treatment.
In a recent news article on how drug abuse affects Ohio families and taxpayers it was stated that 1 in 4 inmates entering Ohio prisons were convicted on drug charges. The damage drugs such as heroin and prescription medications create for families in Ohio is staggering. It was estimated in the article that 70% of Ohio infants taken from their home require protective custody due to…

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