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Drug Rehab in Washington
Enrolling in a drug rehab in Washington is a milestone for residents on the road to sobriety. The process can be challenging, especially if it is the first time the individual has sought treatment. Areas that must be addressed before choosing a program include determining if the addict requires inpatient or outpatient treatment, what type of treatment philosophy is best, can the program can treat multiple conditions if necessary (e.g. dual diagnosis) as well as what the total cost for services will be. Often, family and friends play a pivotal role in helping the addicted person. Loved ones help by doing online research, in addition to reaching out to intake counselors for information on specific programs.
Drug rehab in Washington offers many different treatment options to help residents overcome drug and alcohol addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports Washington drug rehab programs enrolled 32,216 individuals for addiction treatment services during 2014. This is a slight decrease from 2013’s Washington drug rehab statistics of 33,604 enrollments. The ratio of male to female enrolments for drug rehab in Washington was 60.9% male and 39.1% female. With the most common age group receiving treatment between 26 and 30 years old. Alcohol addiction with a secondary drug made up the greatest number of Washington drug rehab enrollments during 2014; consisting of 23% of all Washington treatment admissions for…

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