Eating Food From The Canteen Essay

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I have decided to go grab some food from the canteen. I am actually starving, having ate next to nothing all day. Feeling this hungry isn’t a good thing however, I always seem to binge eat when I am absolutely starving. Binge eating then results in me feeling unmotivated and disgusting for the rest of the day.
I don’t have an issue with my weight really. I am a size eight but please believe me I have to work hard for this body. It is not easy either, let me tell you that right now!
I try to find the time to run three miles every other day, I literally have to. I don’t have a choice and I love food far too much for my own good. I also do an intense strength workout when I go to the gym, which reminds me there’s a gym in this university. Happy days! I need to remember to go and sign up for it at some point today. I will go after Miss Brandy’s lecture at 5pm.
I love food but apparently food struggles to love me, it’s one of my many downfalls. I know at this rate now you probably all think I put myself down too much but believe me I am not lying. I am not naturally skinny, I have to work for it. Alot. I am one of them ladies that can just look at a scone with clotted cream and jam and gain ten pounds. Ok, maybe I am being melodramatic but seriously! Hard work.
The largest I have weighed is eleven stone and believe me I am not proud of it. I was devastated at the time when I weighed myself, I couldn’t believe it. Binge eating was my guilty pleasure when my Dad died. I have…

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