Eating Habits and Academic Performance of Hrm Students Essay

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On becoming a teacher…
By Mary Ann C. Dela Cruz Looking back to the past, I remember the time when my mother told me that it is time for me to go to school to study. I am excited! I enjoy looking into my new pad, notebooks, pencil, and other things that my mother bought me, especially with my new shoes and uniforms. I told to myself, I will enjoy studying as I will learn new things and meet new friends. And when the first day of school starts, I woke up early, ate my breakfast, took a bath, and wore my new uniform and shoes. In few minutes, I am now ready to go to school. Like my other cousins, we are all excited to go to school and meet my first teacher. That day is so special to me, our teacher taught us to how to greet
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Since then, I noticed that enjoyed helping my younger cousins, nephews, and nieces with their assignments and other school projects. I enjoyed listening to them singing and dancing. I enjoyed watching them giggling as they listen to simple stories and jokes. I enjoyed seeing more people around me and sometimes asking me if I knew this and that. Even though, there are times that I don’t know it, I just asked them to wait, and I immediately look into ways how to help them. My husband’s mother and sister are teachers. My cousin is also a Part-time Instructor/Professor at Gordon College. As I see them everyday, I noticed that they enjoyed what they are doing. There are times that when I see my cousin teaching with HRM students and at the Graduate students, I feel so proud. I can feel their passion in teaching, their love and care to their students, and most of all, their dedications and commitment to their duties. I still remember when I asked my cousin why she still need to teach wherein fact, she has her full-time job at Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. She just smiled and told me that she love what she is doing. I asked her if she is not tired working for a long period of time everyday. She answered me back that she is still human and there are times that she is tired with her schedules but she preferred to teach at night than staying at home and watch TV. In school, as she told me, she knew that

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