Essay Eating Habits Of The Us And Back Home Country

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You Are What You Eat
I prefer a home cooked dinner rather than having dinner at a restaurant because it is healthier. The United States of America and Mongolia have different cultures, such as languages, lifestyles, and eating habits. I heard that many Americans think that Asians are slimmer and look younger than them, even though they have the same age. As Asian, the truth of looking younger and slimmer, is linked to our eating habits. When I compare eating habits of the US and back home country, Mongolia, there is a huge difference between them. The United States basically country of fast food and prefer eating out rather than cooking at home; however, in Mongolia, the majority of the population give huge impact on their eating habits and prefer home-cooked meals. There is a phrase that says “You Are What You Eat” people need to know and watch what they are eating in order to live healthily. When someone eats at home and cooks meals themselves, they have control over the ingredients that are added to meals. Home eating gives the chance to choose meals that qualifies for healthy eating style. There are several advantages having home-made meals such as having healthy eating lifestyle, costing cheaper, and spending more time with the family.
When someone cooks meals at their home, it is healthier and cleaner than eating out at restaurants. The main problem when eating out is the portion distortion because restaurants likely to

serve bigger portions than people eat at their…

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