Essay about Education Is A Money Eating Monster

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Education is a Money Eating Monster With more and more jobs requiring a higher education, it is also becoming harder and more expensive to attend college. For us to obtain the career path that we would like to, college’s should make it easier for students to attend the schools that they need to attend for certain professions as well as colleges to get general education. One main problem limiting a lot of young adults from attending college and acquiring the career of their choice is the high costs of tuitions. Addressing this problem would increase the enrollment numbers drastically and we could do so by setting up a program that could generate more scholarship money to certain colleges for people whose focused major is dominate at the university their choosing, as well as having more free opportunities to give students the chance to get there general education courses done. This country has grown more and more focused on money throughout the years causing college tuition to skyrocket. Its funny because the deeper we get into debt the more money we spend. In Jeffery J. Williams article “Debt Education: Bad for the Young, Bad for America” he gives these statistics, “The average undergraduate student loan debt in 2002 was $18,900. It more than doubled from 1992, when it was $9,200. Added to this is charge card debt, which averaged $3,000 in 2002, boosting the average total debt to about $22,000,” (Williams) which shows home much America has become taken…

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