Effects Of Child Abuse On Children Essay

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Physical child abuse has slightly decreased over time, but that does not mean that child abuse does not happen on a daily basis. “A review of child physical abuse (CPA) estimates in high-income countries found 1-year prevalence rates of 4-16% (Gilbert et al., 2009).” (Slep18) “Cultural differences in child rearing beliefs and practices and in universal social services, combined with different definitions of maltreatment, likely influence variability in prevalence rates.” (Slep18) This quote is important because every child no matter what race does have some kind of abuse. This abuse is not significantly for only one certain race but worldwide issues. In the past people do not hear much about child abuse or any of that matter because everyone keeps things on the down side. Now as years go by even though there has been a decrease but the majority of people are seeing it reported more on news station. Parent’s level of patience is different from parents back decades ago. As the years go by newer parents are facing tougher and challenging lives because things are getting harder to achieve than maybe when grandparent’s days. This leads to tension in the household because the majority of abuse happens in the home where the child resides in. Child abuse does happen outside the home also like in daycare or any place that an adult is in charge of watching the child. A child who has experience abuse is more fragile and usually more reserved than normal child. The physical…

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