Elder Abuse : The Hardest Forms Of Abuse Essay

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A tremendous amount of information about elder abuse exists; yet, elder abuse is underreported and perhaps may be the hardest forms of abuse to detect. Most information of what is known about elder abuse has surfaced in recent years. According to the Seniorcare Organization, although there are no nationwide tracking systems for elder abuse, the National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that somewhere between one and two million Americans over the age of sixty-five (65) have been abused (through exploitation, injury, mistreatment, or exploitation) by a loved one or caregiver. Unfortunately, the statistics simply do not show or bear rendering information as to how many people actually suffer from abuse over the age of sixty-five (65). Experts and those who work within the elderly community so often miss signs of elderly abuse. One reason maybe is that those individuals who work with the elderly do not know the warning signs and do not have the necessary training to ascertain what the abuse is or looks like. One of the aspects of elder abuse is financial abuse. Material abuse is another name for financial abuse. Consequently, within this format, financial abuse will be explored and possible remedies, which will resort in a solution to a growing problem. According to Nerenberg (2000b), little empirical research has been conducted that directly addresses financial abuse of the elderly, and in general it has received less attention than other forms of elder abuse.
Elderly abuse…

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