Ergonomics and Good Work Habits Essay

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Ergonomics is the scientific, interdisciplinary study of individuals and their physical relationship to their environment. Ergonomics can be further defined as "the design of the workplace, equipment, machine, tool, product, environment, and system, taking into consideration human's physical, physiological, biomechanical, and psychological capabilities. Ergonomic design is the application of this body of knowledge to the design of tools, machines, systems, tasks, jobs, and environments for safe, comfortable and effective human use. The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek word ergos meaning "work" and nomos meaning "natural laws of" or "study of." In the United States, the term 'human factors engineering' is often used.
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Early signs may include persistent pain, tingling, numbness, burning, or aching. The signs may be constant or may occur mostly after certain activities. The drastic cures, such as surgery, are not always reliable and should be a last resort. Nevertheless, a health professional should be consulted when you are concerned about possible early signs. It is not uncommon for people to have to leave computer-dependent careers as a result, or even to be permanently disabled and unable to perform tasks such as driving or dressing themselves. As computer use has increased, workers who spend long hours at terminals began to show signs of physical strain that had never before been acknowledged with deskwork. Some complaints were headaches, backaches, neck and shoulder tension, wrist and hand injuries, eyestrain, and general irritability. These complaints led to the emergence of new scientist, called ergonomists, to concentrate on these new complaints and find ways of improving health. Ergonomists use information about people, for example, their size (height, weight etc.), their ability to handle information and make decisions, their ability to see and hear and their ability to work in extremes of temperature. An ergonomist studies the way that these things vary in a group of people. With this information, the ergonomists, working with designers and engineers, ensures that a product or service will be able to be used

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